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Spring and Summer - Changeable weather affects skin

The changeable weather results in skin issues including dryness, increased oil for some and breakouts. Warmer weather means we go outside more often, windy conditions can dehydrate your skin, sunshine warms us and results in more of a glow in our t-zone, air conditioning can upset the balance of our skin.

Definitely a time to think about adjusting our skincare routine. Hyaluronic and Tremella (Silver Ear Mushroom) draw water from the tissues increasing their molecular size in turn plumping your skin and increasing moisture levels without the heaviness of extra nourishing agents. Perfect for oilier skins that have dry cheeks or jawline. While more mature skin have more volume softening lines and wrinkles. Lira Clinical's Bio Hydra Infusion or Dermalogica's Calm Water Gel are perfect options to choose from.

Mists are an ever increasing must have item to replace the old toner. Personally I've avoided toners until lockdown when all my professional products were at home and I discovered Lira Clinical's Bio Hydrating Mineral Mist, its become a staple to boost hydration. All my other skincare goes further so I need less, its versatile and resets my makeup during the day and it smells delicious. Dermalogica's Age Smart Antioxidant Hydra Mist is a handbag faithful, apply it after cleansing then throughout the day to rehydrate your Skin.

We see alot of women who follow advertising campaigns suggesting now they're showing signs of ageing they need a more nourishing moisturiser, unfortunately for many this increases congestion and creates milia. Time to reconsider your options Dermalogica's Pure Night Moisturiser in light and works on pigmentation. It contains Niacinamide and Vitamin C to brighten while boosting collagen production. Lira Clinical's Bio Lift Creme is a multifunctional brightening, firming night moisturiser with epigenetic technology to assist slowing the ageing process of skin cells (

While protecting your skin is essential all year round, this time of year is when we see early sunburn damage. Moisturising sun protection is the best way to get into good habits every morning and during the day. At Simply Indulgent we stock a wide range of products in this category. From tinted BB creams like Lira Clinicals BB Brite that protect as well as improve pigmentation to light weight Solar Shield SPF 30 Oil Free moisturising sun protection to sheer pure zinc formulations like Dermalogica's Invisible Defense SPF 30. It is best to chat with a therapist about which one feels right on your skin or will manage a combination of skin concerns.


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