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5 Reasons Why We've got Peel-Passion!

“Peel this”, “Peel that”… If you’ve been around us lately you will probably know that peels are a big deal for us.  We’re even running a competition with The Breeze FM where one lucky winner will receive 12 months of Dermalogica Pro Power Peel treatments.  The reasons why we are pro peel are:

  1. Most significant improvements compared to other treatments
    There are many treatments to remove dead skin cells to address age spots, complexion and uneven skin tone.  Our professional beauty therapy training, and what we have seen in practice, has proved to us that if clients seek more than a superficial improvement then peel treatments are by far their best option.
  2. Skin therapy can be life-changing
    We see the difference in a client’s self-esteem after a programme of tailored peel treatments and at-home skincare routines.  We can’t help but want that confidence boost for as many people as possible. Pigmentation, age spots, lines, red veins, rosacea, sensitised skin, wrinkles or acne all take their toll on how people feel but it doesn’t have to be that way.  
  3. Peels aren’t just a one off
    Facial peels are usually prescribed as a programme of four to six clinical treatments performed, fortnightly or monthly. Our therapists tailor the peel's strengths and activities according to a client’s skin response.  The programme is cost-effective with the take home aftercare products built in to the treatment price.
  4. Treatment feels like a treat
    There is no pain during the treatment, you will feel sensations likely tingling, prickly or heat that subside after a few minutes leaving an instant noticeable result. Multiply that over four to six treatments and people feel like they have really invested in their wellbeing as well as their skin.
  5. There are peels and then there’s Dermalogica Pro Power Peel
    Every now and then you come across a product that isn’t just great, it’s exceptional. Dermalogica’s Pro Power Peel is one of these.  Partly it’s the product itself, and its ability penetrate the skin at different degrees.  It’s also because of the take home aftercare treatments that work on your skin condition after you are finished at the clinic.

Simply Indulgent's focus is on the things that really count.  For us skin comes first and there’s no better option than a peel. Talk to us today about what significant improvements you could expect; better still book now for a 45 minute consultation.  All Pro Power Treatments and Dermalogica products can be purchased via Laybuy.

If you’re seeing this before Friday June 7, head on over to The Breeze Facebook page for your chance to win a 12 month programme of Dermalogica Pro Power Peels including take home aftercare treatments.


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