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Tailored Treatment for your Unique Skin Microbiome

One of the key things we do at Simply Indulgent is to carefully Face Map your skin to understand what is happening both visually and by touch.

During your consultation we carry out in-depth analysis of your lifestyle, skin history, medications, allergies and intolerances to get an understanding of what your skin needs. Ultimately your concerns are what we work towards but sometimes your skin requires balancing before we can effectively and safely create the skin you want.

Skin Microbiome

Your skin has a microbiome that is a natural balance of oil, water and dead skin cells that protects the layers of your skin. The microbiome or acid mantle creates a slightly acid helps prevent the loss of moisture in the skin, provides a natural slightly acid environment to protect from bacteria.

This can be negatively affected by strong acids, foaming cleansers, rapid changes in temperature, over exfoliation, congesting makeup, diet, digestive issues, stress.... the list goes on. 


Your skin becomes dehydrated when the acid mantle becomes impaired. Its ability to protect water loss from the deeper layers and protect from bacteria breaks down increasing the chance of infection, inflammation and sensitivities. 


Acne exists because of the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria, a naturally occurring bacteria that lives in the oil in the hair follicle. It proliferates when the hair follicle becomes blocked by sluggish oil and a lack of freely circulating oxygen creates an anaerobic environment for the bacteria to grow. 

Picking at your skin, using a foundation that blocks the pores, irregular cleaning or your makeup brushes or sponges just continues the cycle. Wouldn't you love to be able to go makeup free?


Our role is to help you learn what to avoid or implement into your daily routine to bring about healthy skin. We will choose skin treatments to work with your individual needs which may change depending on what is happening in your life. We also help you to understand why we prescribe the ingredients we do as well as when and how to use those products.

Increase your intake of essential fatty acids (good quality fish oils) and good fats assists the body to repair the cell membrane and assist with regulating the oil flow to the skin. Avoid cleansers that leave your skin feeling tight and dry, don't overuse exfoliants or irritating ingredients like acids when enzymes are so much kinder. Soothing p.H. balancing topical vitamins are a good option too.

Talk to us soon, so much easier than having to resort to strong medications.

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a cost effective treatment that supports a healthy microbiome. Blue light is used for acne treatment can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria within the upper layers of the skin. Blue and red light combined works at a deeper level to create firm, plump skin.

We are offering LED Light Therapy as a complementary upgrade on all facials during March and April. Simply click Add on LED Light Therapy when you book your facial treatment. 

Restoring Skin’s Balance

Sensitised, irritated or dry/dehydrated skin is crying out for oil. Often it's the oil that is lost with over exfoliation and excessive use of foaming scrubs. Our approach is to gently restore the skin’s balance with fabulous calming ingredients, well researched and cooling, soothing and protecting properties including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Licorice or Oat Kernels. Once a sensitive skins balance is restored it can cope with so much more in terms of treatments or buffered retinol so it maintains a soft, supple healthy glow.

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