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Why Consultations are so important

  • How many of you purchase skincare without a consultation?

  • Would you go to the chemist and purchase your antibiotics without a prescription?

Your skin is fragile and is susceptible to changes within the body - puberty, menopause, stress and illness, genetics, the environment - seasonal changes, aircon, hot showers, incorrect product choices, diet, water the list goes on. 

It is important to recognise that a good beauty therapist will understand the effects of these changes and will be able to recommend combining lifestyle and skincare presciptions and treatments to help improve skin issues.

Knowledge is key and understanding why skin issues occur is important to achieving positive results for our clients. Sometimes it is as simple as changing when you use a product, how much you use, how often or how interacts with other ingredients.

Research and consultation with other professionals including nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors is essential as we are all a team working towards skin health.

Are you getting enough micro-nutrients in your diet? if you eat well but there are stressors interfering with the absorption of the vitamins and minerals then it is likely your skin will be the first place to show that deficiency.

Product ingredients are important but the quantity, quality and the environment where those ingredients were combined all play a part in a successful outcome for you. A cheaper product maybe less likely to contain high amounts of active ingredients like vitamins, minerals therefore slower results. It may have more preservatives due to a less sterile production facility.

Equally if you are purchasing product from a therapist without a thorough consultation then it's possible they don't know all they need to make the right decisions. Mistakes can be made with sometimes serious side affects. In some cases your therapist will encourage you to purchase a skin kit before investing in the complete range minimise sensitivity.

We spend two years and the rest of our careers learning about the skin and body systems and what can be done to provide the best solutions for you. No two skins are alike so what suits your friend or passionate skincare enthusiast might well cause you an expensive fail.

It's worth the investment to find out why you have acne, over produce oil, have dry or dehydrated skin, blockages or sensitivites. It might save you adding to the pile of unwanted products in your bathroom and save you money.

Simply Indulgent offers the best choice of prescriptive skincare along with mineral makeup, and tanning products. Our therapists are knowledgeable and focus on results.

Feel free to contact us for a Consultation or Facemapping today, it is fully redeemable on product purchases over $125.


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