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Acne - What You Can Do About It?

Acne is problematic for many teens and adults. It can be unsightly covering the face, neck, décolleté and back. We find many clients are at their wits end worrying about their skin and only come to us as a last gasp before going on to take medication.

Get on to it early

The time you need to see us is when it first begins to occur.  Often a good balancing cleanser – Image Skincare’s Ormedic Balancing Cleanser, medication lotion or gel like Image Skincare’s Clear Cell Lotion or Dermalogica's Overnight Clearing Gel and Image Skincare's Clear Cell Mattifying Moisturiser used at this early stage will help bring the epidermis back to its natural acid level, helping your skin to manage the condition itself.


Strong cleansers are great but used constantly can change a very oily skin to one that is dry and
dehydrated, sore and pustular. We would introduce a different routine by cleansing with a medicated cleanser at night like Clear Cell Salicylic Cleanser and changing to a balancing cleanser in the morning. Our main aim is to assist the skins own ability to fight the P.acne bacteria that causes infection.


Skin becomes very sun sensitive with harsh cleansers, so it is imperative that you use a moisturising
sunblock every day. This goes against the grain for many acne sufferers who want to get rid of the excess oil. Not moisturising will only cause the body to create more to try to correct the moisture levels. It is having the right moisturiser like Image Skincare’s Prevention + Matte Moisturiser 32+. This product has microspheres that absorb excess oil and sweat. Perfect for oily skins, those who exercise a lot outside.

Reduce Acne Scars

Scarring often appears with acne and it can be useful to use a lightening serum like Image Skincare's Iluma Intense Lightening Serum or Clear Cell Restoring Serum that mattifies the skin but also inhibits the proliferation of the P.acne bacteria on the skin.

Diet – intolerances and deficiencies

We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all and just by applying product that we can’t fix everything. We also need to understand what is happening inside your body: what you eat, your lifestyle and how you manage your personal hygiene. We will carry out a zinc test as low zinc levels can interfere with the skin's healing ability. We recommend increasing green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits for Vitamin C.
Congestion or lumps under the skin around the chin, cheeks and forehead are caused by thick, sticky sebum often a sign that you may require omega 3. We prescribe Bestow Beauty Plus Oil – this fab oil is perfect for assisting all skin but in the case of acne. It will help oil to flow more readily,
help the skin cells to expel toxins, take up more water and nutrients from your diet. This wonderful oil contains hormone regulators like Evening Primrose Oil, Blackcurrant and Heap Seed oils to help balance hormonal imbalances within the body. It maybe that you are ingesting too many dairy products or are intolerant to gluten.


There are many issues that we can identify to help you minimise your acne at home. Including changes bed linen regularly – sleep on one side of your pillow case turn it over and then pop it in the wash. Change your towel and face cloth daily.


When it comes to make up choose an oil free brand, Youngblood’s Loose Mineral Makeup is the
perfect option for problem skins. Youngblood’s Anti-Shine Mattifier primes the skin helping makeup to last longer by absorbing excess oil. Remember to wash your make up brushes weekly, spray brushes with isopropyl alcohol in between to prevent the transfer of bacteria.
If you have tried many options to fix your skin without success it might be time to come in for a
consultation with one of our skin experts. Our approach is to understand your issues, how we can help you to make changes to your lifestyle and diet to manage budgets and to find the right skincare
and make up to improve your skin and personal confidence.

To book your consultation go to our website and click Book Now.

At Simply Indulgent, we have worked with a number of clients experiencing moderate to severe cases of acne.  Pictured above is young Angus, age 16 years old, who suffered with stage iv to v cystic acne.  His back was inflamed, pustular, bleeding and scarred from shoulder to shoulder, right down to his shorts.  His face was also affected.  He was despondent and self conscious, and wanted to investigate options other than antibiotics. 

A series of monthly treatments and Image Skincare home care prescription was designed for him. He changed his diet to increase his intake of Vitamin C, Bestow Beauty Oil for omega 3 & 6 and a zinc supplement. Changes to his hygiene and regular use of the skincare resulted in this amazing outcome in the image less than 6 months later. 

Angus’s response was ‘You’re Amazing’. We think he is for working so hard to achieve success he has had with his skin


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