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Improving young skin

Children are beginning to enter puberty a little earlier and as a result are showing the signs of hormones at war in their bodies. The most common is congestion on the forehead and around the nose, where the skin feels bumpy and blackheads become obvious to the naked eye. Some are having breakouts around the chin area

This is a time where listening to mum becomes a choice and man ears develop! So getting an independent person to observe and inform becomes a good option so they bring them along to see me. I ask the young person to pop up on the bed and ask them the basic questions on their diet, cleansing routine or not and talk to them about what is going to help them improve their skin.

There are basic things they can to do help themselves like changing their pillows cases every couple of days using one side and then the other and popping it into the wash on day 3. Regular cleansing, toning with witch-hazel or cucumber and making sure they cover up with a good moisturising sunblock. Touching your face with your fingers is a no no and picking and squeezing is definitely banned.

I often talk about creating an exfoliant from food items they might have in the fridge or pantry at home. Yoghurt has excellent exfoliating properties - Cleopatra used to bath in sour milk or lactic acid to soften her skin - so its an age old ingredient that will do the same to your face. Using soft brown sugar and olive oil is also a cheap alternative and gets the kids involved. The sugar is a mechanical exfoliant and has a softening effect while the oil is nourishing.

Skins at this age are often dry and reactive indicating that the oil flow is impaired leaving the skin red and irritated and in this environment bacteria thrive. I encourage increasing omega 3's in the diet along with lots of green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. Fresh berry fruits in smoothies are also a great source of vitamin c to for their anti inflammatory action.

If you wish to stay away from antibiotics or even stronger medications prescribed by doctors or dermatologists think about your beauty therapist - we study the skin for two years learning what foods will help improve many skin conditions and concerns. We also about cosmetic chemistry and the ingredients of our products and what they do at a cellular and scientific level. We also know the success we see in our clients skin and receive wonderful feedback from our clients who are really happy with the results we have achieved together.

This testimonial was from an 18 year old who was at university, feeling stressed and perhaps not looking after herself that well. After a year she sent me this lovely message to thank me for helping her.

"Hi Fiona
I just wanted to let you know how things are going with my skin. My skin has not been this nice for a long time. It has cleared up so much since I last saw you. I have received lots of compliments on my skin, people have said how lovely and healthy my skin is and how nice I look smile emoticon. I feel more confident in my self and don't have to wear lots of makeup to cover it up. Your products are amazing, I'm so grateful for the help I have received from you , all the time you have put in helping me get the best skin care for my skin and all the advice you have given me.
Thank you so much for everything Fiona:)"

I had prescribed Amy with a balancing cleanser from Image Skincare's Ormedic range as well as the Prevention + Matte Moisturiser with SPF 32+.

For more information on how I can help your son or daughter or if you have a skin issue that needs attention please book now.


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