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Not all skincare cares for your skin

I've just read a fantastic blog by skin specialist Robyn McAlpine she has just spent hundreds on skincare to carry out a 6 week trial to see how her skin responded to products she didn't use in her clinic. Here is how her skin looked before and after.

Robyn found that just because a product is expensive or a reputable brand it doesn't mean it will give you the results someone else had in the trials. Your skin is unique and will react accordingly.
Here is the link to her blog

Here at Simply Indulgent we have chosen products we believe in, have proven results and that have wowed our clients. When I was looking for a skincare range I was overwhelmed with the choice out there, my criteria for products was that:
  • they were results driven
  • have no parabens, preservatives, sulphates or synthetic fragrances
  • have minimal packaging
  • they contain peptides, plant stem cells, anti-oxidants, AHA's/BHA's and Retinols
  • they are not tested on animals
  • the skincare supplier knew there stuff and supported me with regular training,
  • the manufacturers ethics were also important.
  • I wanted a brand that was affordable but exclusive.

Image Skincare ticked all those boxes and what's more you don't need a toner with any of the cleansers as they bring your skin back into its natural acid balance when rinsed with water. The thing is, we see so many skins that are ok but could be so much better with just one or two active skin care products in the mix. We are truly passionate about what we do and want you to have the best.

Image Skincare was initially developed by owner Jana Ronert for her rosacea as she was unable to find anything that worked for her. Rosacea affects a significant number of people causing redness, lumps on the face and neck. Her Vital C line works to reduce redness by strengthening capillary walls, lighten pigmentation and assists moisturising sunblock's to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

Over time the range has grown to include the Ormedic balancing line, Ageless to slow the ageing process and to manage oily skin, Iluma to reduce redness and pigmentation, The Max for sensitive skins and 50+, MD for advanced ageing and the Clear Cell line for acneic skins.

Image is flexible and you can create prescriptions for all skins and skin conditions. Combinations from each line to manage specific conditions including sensitivities. For example I use a mix of the MD line to slow the ageing process and to soften existing lines and wrinkles, Vital C to help with dryness, Iluma to lighten my age spots as well and to help with the luminosity while The Max Eye Crème soothes and brightens while inhibits muscle contracts to stop further wrinkles appearing.

75% of the changes to your skin are carried out at home using active skincare while from time to time or as your prescription requires you need a Facial Lift to more deeply manage your skin concerns.

Image developed the Clinical Couture range of Facial Lifts that can be tailored to suit your skin. The lifts deeply exfoliate, stimulate your circulation to increase cell turnover in turn brightening your skin while leaving it smooth, hydrated, lighter and more illuminated. Sensitive skins, acneic skin, ageing, unbalanced and dry skins can all benefit from the wonderful peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

So if you are ready for a change THE GREAT SKINCARE AMNESTY MARCH 2016 might be just the thing for you to try something new. During the month of March we are paying you to change your skincare. So what does this mean for you?

We want the best for your skin, to wake up confident, with radiant skin that glows with life and health.

Not all skin care is the same and not everyone who sells skin care is knowledgeable about your skin or has the time to complete a full and indepth consultation.

We want you to give up the skin care that's not serving your skin and to feel confident about the skin care you choose. It is important not to guess or hope that what you bought was ok; and we want to make it as simple as possible.

So for the entire month of March 2016 we're buying your skincare back so that you can trade it and invest in skin care that has been professionally prescribed.

How it works: You bring in any product, from any brand (that isn't Image Skincare or Yon-Ka), full, empty, out of date, it doesn't matter to us, as long as you are making the move to skin care that actually loves your skin!!!

Trade in your cleanser and get $10 towards your new cleanser, trade in your moisturiser and get $10 to $20 off! There is a generous trade in price for every single item you replace!

We want you to replace every "non-skin care" product you use so we are including your make up too!!! Liquid foundation, setting powder, lipstick! All the things that should be considered when it comes to how they affect your skin!


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