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Wrinkles, acne and sunspots be gone

Now the sun has sunk a little lower in the sky we can talk turkey. Your skin needs a work out to remove those care worn lines and wrinkles or to slow down the development of the character line imprints. It's the time to focus on the pigmentation that kicked in when your were pregnant or that seems to get darker each year. Acne treatments to reduce inflammation and breakouts can be carried out now.

Why is that you may ask?The reason we cannot use plant and milk acids in the summer is that we are exposed to light for longer and the intensity is greater and can create more problems when the skin has had a deep exfoliation.

Some of you will have had microdermabrasion or IPL to treat those long worried about skin issues. Some of you may not have liked the sensation and would like to try alternative treatments that work to deeply exfoliate, lighten, soften, and treat different skin conditions.

I encourage you to consider our Image Skincare Couture Designer Peels. These treatments can be tailored to suit your skin and concerns simply by how we combine the ingredients. Sensitivities can be banished along with changes to what we eat.
The inflammation and breakouts from Acne will be managed by the use of salicylic acid that works to clean out the sticky sebum from pores, managing oil flow, while the redness of scarring is lightened by vitamin c and glycolic acids (naturally derived from sugar cane).

Retinol (a form of Vitamin A) is the most softening of vitamins and increases cell turnover helping smooth out lines and wrinkles, brightening skin and leaving it smooth.

Some skins will take a while to shed the dead dry cells while others will show signs of this within days of the treatment. This is simply the cells moving up and off the epidermis faster leaving soft smooth illuminated skin behind. It takes a series of six monthly peels before moving onto deeper lifts - that is higher percentages of ingredients and a lower pH level which is the key to getting the results you want.

What are the nutrients doing for my skin?Supported by your home skincare routine you will feel, or see noticeable rates of improvement dependent on how long the issue has been there. Stress, sun and diet play a huge part over time of creating the skin you have if it is lines and wrinkles you want to remove.

My acne clients see noticeable improvements after the first month with one Signature Lift and an investment in skincare as well as changing his pillowcase and towel daily. It is important to note that it isn't just the treatments it is diet too as well as hygiene.

Pigmentation can be a longer process dependent on the depth of the pigment however some clients will see a marked improvement in skin tone after the first peel. Others it can be up to a year before they get excited so it is an investment in time as well as financial.

While treating your skin we are also feeding it with vitamins and nutrients as tiny channels have been opened into the dermal layer so those ingredients get to where they are most needed, our stem cells. Vitamin C is such an all rounder it works to lighten, strengthen capillary walls to reduce redness, is anti-inflammatory, works with your sunblock to protect and helps with the production of collagen. Why wouldn't you have this is your skincare? We have Vitamin B5, helps with skin healing and hydration, plant extracts like liquorice for soothing and lightening. Arnica acts as an anti-inflammatory and Peptides like argilene that acts like a topical Botox and retinol also plumps up collagen.


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