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Process of ageing

I'm sitting here writing a presentation and it has me thinking about the process of aging and how it happens. When I was training I wrote a thesis about the intrinsic aging of our DNA, and what the effect of sun, stress, alcohol and our diet has on they way we age. My research sparked my interest in more in-depth treatments and led me to creating Simply Indulgent.

Before that I imagined beauty therapy was purely about indulgence and fluffy treats not necessarily the positive impact active skincare and clinical treatments like peels or collagen induction therapy can have. I also realised there were a lot of lovely people out there who were struggling with self esteem issues as a direct result of their skin aging.

Back to the ageing process - if we look after ourselves and our skin in our youth then we will spend far less later to turn back the clock. What do I mean by this?

  • Eat well - include lots of the green leafy vegetables, good fats, citrus fruits in season, nuts especially brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds for the minerals and essential fatty acids they naturally provide, oily fish like salmon 3 x's per week helps nourish you from the inside.
  • Keep sugars including sugar alternatives to a minimum
  • If your diet is lacking due to time, or lifestyle take vitamins and especially Omega 3
  • Exercise regularly - excess glucose will be taken up by the muscles, tendons pulling on joints encourages new collagen to be laid down helping reduce loss of bone density
  • Protect your skin with moisturising sunblock all year round - in the summer from harmful UV rays and in the winter from extreme changes of temperature
  • Exfoliate regularly - to remove dead dry skin cells and to stimulate your skins circulation.
  • Don't pick or scratch pimples
  • If you have to take medication visit your beauty therapist to help you maintain the balance of your skin
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Splits around the finger tips can be a Vitamin B12 deficiency see your doctor or naturopath

Osteoporosis also affects the bones of the face so as we age and hormones kick in our face shape changes, bones thin and we lose the fat padding that fills out our cheeks and covers the tiny blood vessels under the eyes.
Collagen and elastin harden and become more sparse. It's not all doom and gloom we can help ourselves by adding Image Skincare "Yana" collagen shots to our diet to help with the production of new collagen. Bestow Beauty Oil to help our skin cells take up water, while hyaluronic acid can be replaced by applying it to your skin topically.

So the moral of the story is eat well, live well and do things in moderation. Talk to the specialists in their fields about what will work for you as not all healthy diets are ideal for everyone they might need tailoring as does skincare prescriptions. I am happy to answer any questions and encourage you to have a consultation to find out what you need to do for you, and your skin.


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