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Often clients will come in for the first time with concerns that their skin is dull and that their moisturiser just sits on top of their skin. Their foundation breaks up during the day and needs reapplying. During the consultation process we ask about their skincare routine and find that they are a soap and water girl or even though they use a cleanser they don't exfoliate.

Exfoliants used effectively not only stimulate the skins circulation, they help slough off dead dry skin cells leaving your skin more receptive other products and ingredients. Many beauty therapy only prescription exfoliants will help open tiny channels into the dermal layer of the skin allowing ingredients in your serum and moisturiser to get to where they work best.

There are enzymatic, acid and mechanical exfoliants. Enzymes work to gently break down the glue holding dead skin cells onto the skin, and while acids do the same thing they are more active and used less often. Mechanical agents lift the dead skin cells by working with acids and enzymes. We recommend an exfoliating powder with pumpkin enzymes and coconut powder to exfoliate.

Or an enzymatic masque to hydrate, stimulate and exfoliate or in some cases where there is significant congestion, excess or acne we recommend a clarifying tonic or pads to open pores and clean out blockages.

In all cases we are mindful of your skin whether it's dry, aging, oily, acneic, or sensitive and prescribe what is best for you and how often you should use it. Book your consultation today by clicking here.


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